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    Hello and welcome to my brand new website. Please have a little look around and say hello.

    I would like to say a big thanks to Jane Wilde and my sister Laura Burke-Hurley for making this site.

    So my latest news is I packed my bags in October and left lovely Edinburgh behind for a little bit. I am spending some time in Nashville collaborating with songwriters and musicians out here in ‘music city’!!

    It has been a crazy few months and I have met some really interesting and lovely people and hung out in a good few ‘Hony Tonk’ bars!! I will keep you posted with all my news from Nashville there is a few exciting little projects in the pipeline so I can’t wait to tell you about that soon.

    I had a great time last August along with James Ross playing 23 gigs at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. The show was called ‘Step into my Parlour’. You can find out some more about this show under ‘current projects’ and also have a look at some video clips about the development of the show.

    Let me know what you think and we would love to hear some of your house keeping tips so sent them on!!

    Take care and happy new year, Michelle x

    06 February 2013

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